We are a family owned and run company that primarily deals in design and fabrication of custom products in solid surfaces. We work with architects, designers, and fabricators to help meet the demands of clients and project development. Below is our product groupings and links to examples and further information.


This is our area where we create the small on off for a client or our production runs of pieces we design for a harmonica combs or cameo's for clients shop. Pop on through and take a look at some of our projects and ideas. Challenge us and see what we can do for you.


Datum boards, wall trim, door panels, bas-relief work. Helping clients, architects and other designers to create long lasting beauty that is also easy to take care of and cost effective. Pop through here and take a look at current projects and offering from the library.

Looking to create a special piece of furniture, or need custom panels created for a door or screen? This is where our signs, marine, and furniture ideas can be found.