Welcome to Marino Customs!

We are a family owned company working with CNC, 3D printing, modeling, design, and consulting.Welcome to our web site. Below and on their pages you will find what resources we bring to the table for our clients. If you have any questions please check either the about us to be able to email us your questions.


Having the experience of going through start up as a small firm and the cost of CNC and 3D printing set up, tooling, and maintenance; we bring a useful and unique skill sets to help other groups/SMEs. With that knowledge we are able to very well help a small to medium business weight out the costs and return on investment for these very useful tools. Bringing neutral views that aid in looking seriously at these options.

CNC & 3D Printing

We currently offer in house 3D printing and with partners can offer limited CNC cutting services. We also have the ability to aid small firms that need to have products set up for cutting and need aid in having the g-code set up fortheir machine. We have model checking for 3D printing and post printing services and clean up.


Our design tools used in house are Shark CAD Pro v10 and Aspire v9.5. This allows us to work with a very wide range of file types. This way we can aid clients as well as create new products for our own lines of items. With this and other software in our suite we are able to produce models and blue print diagrams to a clients specification.


Our web shop where you may order our products. Currently this includes our harmonica parts and tools to use with harmonicas as well as our amateur radio kits for MMDVM boards. We also are able to be contacted for part orders for OEM parts from Hohner Germany and are able to ship globally.